Belts aren’t the answer…

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First off, I think belts are a great tool, I use one because I’ve had a lot of back issues in the past BUT they are not answer to save your weak core.

I honestly think most people should even start out using a band tied round then then move to a belt to help them cue to brace their trunk properly.

Along with a belt I think we need to practice what we’ve spoken about in the previous two articles.

1) Learning how to brace – ( Week 1 – ARE YOU USING YOUR CORE EFFECTIVELY?)

2) Correct bracing drills – (Week 2 – Alexes 3 Best Core Exercises)

Master these two alongside first then start using a belt (if you want to) and you’re on the way to some PBs.

Have you ever had lower back pain and though “A belt will sort this niggle out!”?

Think again.

We need to be able to be strong and stabilise ourselves to protect our spine before strapping up with a belt. It’s not a quick magic fix!!!

If you are using a belt to mask the lower back pain, we need to figure out why you are having these issues. I’m no back specialist nor a physiotherapist so I wouldn’t be able to diagnose. It could be a number of things, but one that tends to stick out for most is a weakened core.

This can be from lack of training. Being too sedentary. Pregnancy (again not my field).

But I do urge you to start training your core correctly. Start learning how to brace properly and start living a lifestyle without having to worry about when your back might slip up again.


Alex Anthony
Coach Alex