5 reasons why you need a coach. 

why you need a coach

Here at CrossFit Jorvik, we believe everyone should have a coach if you’re looking to self improve. Why not hire someone who has the experience and knowledge to get you to your destination quicker, rather than making your own mistakes. A coach can take the guess work out for you.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone should have a coach.


A coach will help you with the drive and motivation to attend your sessions and stick to the plan; which will ultimately help you accomplish your goals.


This is very much linked to accountability. Knowing you can trust your coach and utilise them to help when you need them. This can be for factors that may be having an affect on your training or general well-being. Without support or a coach your training, performance, general well-being and health could be negatively affected; but avoidable.

Ensure appropriate and safe training

Having a coach will mean your sessions are Programmemed and suitable for your level and will enable you to better reach your goals. It will also ensure you are doing the movements correctly which helps to avoid injury.


Benefit from their years of experience (hopefully) to allow breakthroughs in your training and improved performance; through appropriate Programming, technique development, etc…

Improve your own knowledge/Education.

Having a coach to share and impart their knowledge to you. You will be able to apply this to your lifestyle and all other physical activity. This means you can benefit even when you are not in the gym/exercising or even when not with your coach. Training without a coach at best limits your benefit to the few hours you spend in the gym.

Ensure your coach is knowledgeable and experienced. This will mean that they will be able to apply all of the above points and more. To help with your decision; use referrals and/or the points above to help you make your decision….because it is important!!

At CrossFit Jorvik we believe we have the best and most qualified coaching team in York, if you have done CrossFit in York it is more than likely that that coach was taught by Pete CrossFit Jorvik head coach. We have over 20 years of coaching experience on the coaching team.  So you can know we haven’t just completed a 6 weeks PT course. Unlike most independent gyms in York, the majority of our staff are full time, coaching isn’t a sideline gig for us, it’s our passions and lively-hoods so set exceptional standards for ourselves and clients.

When joining CrossFit Jorvik you will be assigned a coach, they are there to guide you through your journey, from movements to lifestyle and nutrition. You are not just joining a gym, you’re hiring a team.

If you don’t have a coach, it is probably time you got one (or 4 at CrossFit Jorvik)!

CrossFit Jorvik Coach Sam Parish