CrossFit Jorvik June / July Programming

The new CrossFit Jorvik training cycles start today!!

We have spent the last 8 weeks reintroducing the CrossFit Jorvik members back into fitness after a long period of not training in a gym (Post Lock Down 3) The aim was to get everyone moving safely again by building a strong foundation using various methods such as tempo training and pauses and avoiding going above 80% of any major lift.

We now feel the time is right to start building on the foundations that we have built over the last few weeks.

The coaches have been hard at work planning out the next 6 weeks of training for the CrossFit Jorvik Members.

Each Programme has a different focus.

  1. Increasing 1rm Deadlift
  2. Accumulating volume on the Back Squat leading to a new 1RM on the next training block


  1. Increase 1RM Clean & Jerk
  2. Develop snatch technique and positions
  3.  Increase chin up strength or get first pull up.

Lots of thought goes into Programming at CrossFit Jorvik; we use tried and tested methods, using the core principles of training. Sessions are not just “made up” like you may find in other gyms. We have a team of coaches who plan each session ensuring we are delivering a premium product and service to our members.