A Few Tips To A Better Night Sleep.

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Ever feel like your nutrition is on point. You feel like training should be better. You’re doing all the right things but you just cut seem to perform well or get the bigger lifts?

I’ve been there.

Trying to find the energy to even get my ass in the mood for training.

Most people look past the power of sleep.

It’s probably the most overlooked section of health and fitness in my eyes.

Why disregard the one thing that could be the missing piece to your puzzle?

The “old-school” approach of toughing it out is completely counterproductive.

Here’s a few tips for you to try and implement into your bedtime routine:

  1.  Use your room for sleep & sex only (if you’re getting some). Try not to associate your room with work or anything that causes you stress.
  2. No blue light AT LEAST an hour before bed. Blue light is light that comes from your phone, laptop, tablet, tv etc. Try to have none of that before you sleep.
  3.  Make your room cool and dark. I know a lot of people really don’t like a cold bed. I personally do, trying to sleep when its hot is just not the one. You’ll get agitated and uncomfortable. Having a completely cool, dark room is just going to aid your sleep.
  4. Have a sleep routine that relaxes you. Whether thats reading listen to music, white noise…do the same thing every right that is going to help you sleep and relax you before.
  5.  Try and get to sleep and wake at the same time each and every day…even the weekends. This will help with your Circadian rhythm.

Give all or even just some of these a go over the next few weeks.

Your mood will lift.

You’ll have more energy.

Training will feel amazing.

Don’t overlook the importance of sleep.

What does your sleep routine look like?