Ground Contact Series – Week 4

“What do I do to improve my ground contact?”

Finally, now you know a little more about ground contact and foot interaction, here are a few exercises you can add into your training to develop and improve. Ground contact and foot interaction is an often overlooked part of movement but can have huge benefits to performance, technique and preventing/managing injuries. 

Add in these movements and awareness to your training to take advantage!!

  • Split Stance Deadlift
  • Split Squats
  • Add tempos and pause to help technique
  • Once we are familiar with the movements we can incrementally add load; without a drop in the quality of the foot interaction of the ground.

Also, to aid and get the most from these movements applying a tempo on both the eccentric and concentric, along with pauses, to ensure control is established throughout the movement and by adding the increased time under tension all muscles are performing at the right time in the right sequence. 

By Sam Parish