5 Reasons Why You Should Train in the Morning

5 Reasons Why You Should Train in the Morning

Having the motivation to get to gym can be hard at the best of times especially if you’re having to juggle things such as work, family and social commitments.

Although it may seem a shock to system when that morning alarm goes off it could help to make your day run a whole lot smoother!

5 Reasons To Train On A Morning

1. Some studies have shown that exercise on a morning can boost and help improve mental abilities all day long! So not only will you feel a sense of achievement for getting your workout done all before 9am but you’ll be more alert and responsive to tackle whatever is thrown at you!

2. Working out on a morning not only helps to formulate your daily routine but it also helps achieve consistency. As the saying goes “life gets in the way” and commitments or errands can crop up on an evening that must be done which means your gym time has to be forfeit.  However a morning workout allows you to get in and done before any of those distractions arise and allows the gym to be your first priority.

3. One study looked the effect of exercise with sleep comparing the sleep cycles of participants training at 7am, 1pm and 7pm and yep you guessed it – the 7am participants were shown to have improved sleep quality and deeper sleep cycles – allowing for you to feel more rested to recuperate quicker ready to hit training hard again the next morning.

4. As mentioned before not only will a morning routine help achieve consistency but it’s this consistency and focus which will enable you to reach your goals quicker. It requires discipline to set time aside and to get up early to ensure you get your workout done. This discipline will not only allow you to break PB’s in the gym, it will transfer over to reaching goals/targets/deadlines in everyday life.

5. “Intense” Training has been shown to boost metabolism, however training first thing on a morning before you eat a proper meal allows your body/metabolism to get going and fired up.  So when you eat post exercise that food is being used to replenish your body – instead of being stored (i.e. FAT!!) So alongside the natural endorphins that are released when you train, making you feel happier and stronger mentally, you will be happier as you start to see and notice the changes and results to your physique –  all of this just from just from your morning workout!!

So give it a try and see if it works for you!

We offer 6am and 7am classes so get to bed early, set your alarm and get ready to smash the day!


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