Why We Need Good Quality Sleep

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We’ve all been guilty of burning the candle at both ends, hands up if you’ve had to ‘pull an all nighter’ before for work or to ensure somethings been finished ????????‍♀️????????‍♂️

Sleep & good quality sleep is such an important pillar for good health but unfortunately it’s often neglected & in some cases just expected to be sacrificed. Studies have shown that sleep is just as important as diet & exercise for good mental & physical health!

Here’s just a few reasons why those precious hours of sleep help keep you healthy:

– Getting at least 8hrs sleep can improve your immune system
– Longer sleep has been shown to help improve many aspects in both physical and athletic performance

– Good quality sleep can maximise problem solving skills & enhance memory function
– Poor sleep can affect hormones which regulate appetite & lead to increased eating.

So make sure you maximise your sleep quality where you can. Unfortunately today there is a lot which can interfere with your natural sleep patterns. Try to create a bedtime schedule which will help enable you to drift off to sleep effectively, here’s some tips:

– Try to go bed & get up at the same time each day (working shifts, & having kids can be a big challenge with this one)

– Minimise your screen time at least 30 mins before bed (phones, laptops, computers, tv)

– Aim to get a minimum of 7hrs sleep where possible
– Avoid consuming caffeine in the evening

– Try to make your bedroom a place of rest rather than a multipurpose room so that you can effectively relax & unwind.

We hope these tips help, sweet dreams ????