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CrossFit Jorvik

Check Out These Success Stories

Check Out These
Success Stories

What Our Members are Saying

What Our Members
are Saying

I have joined Crossfit 6 months ago and I have never regretted the decision. It’s worth the price. The classes are varied, and you can never get bored. There is a good atmosphere at the gym. I have been using a regular gym before (on my own), and I ca say that exercising with others makes it so much better and fun. The best thing about crossfit as such is also the fact that you can adjust the excersises to your ability, so you can enjoy it even if you are not so fit (and you surely will be more fit after a while…) !

Crossfit Jorvik

Sylwia Slaby

Great staff who talk you through each step of the session.
Thoroughly enjoyed my first week

Crossfit Jorvik

Andrea Priestley

I have trained on and off for 25 years. More off than on. I have tried running, swimming, regular gyms with and without personal trainers, but by far, the most consistent I have been is with CrossFit Jorvik. Pete and the team are amazing and they know what they are doing. I was so out of shape and overweight when I started going, I would be out of breath climbing 3 flights of stairs. Pete’s non-judgmental encouragement kept me coming back, even getting up for the 6am class, and it works! I am stronger, fitter and a little less flabby thanks to those guys. I genuinely feel ten years younger. They deserve a sixth star!

Crossfit Jorvik

Rob Bennett

Fabulous place to train! I visit every time I’m home in York and am always welcomed back for a sweaty WOD. Pete and the team are great!

Crossfit Jorvik

Anna Bradshaw