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What Our Members Say

After several years of attending various gyms (Virgin, Pure Gym, etc.), it became sadly obvious it just wasn’t working for me. I saw little progress, I was unmotivated, I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was no where near the goals I had set for myself. Workouts became boring as I was doing the same movements over and over again (chest press, bicep curl, shoulder press, etc.) and I just didn’t enjoy the experience or the people around me (staff or other members).

Then I started Jorvik CrossFit. Within months I was fitter, stronger, my goals had been smashed, I looked forward to working out and had met some great people. The staff are amazing, I learn’t more about movements / exercise during the On Ramp (which is like the beginners course) than I have in my life. Since then I’ve learn’t something new each week and continue to progress rather than just hitting a plateau like I was at the gym. The constant variation keeps the classes interesting.

If you are looking to get fit with a bunch of friendly people, I would really encourage you to pop along to one of the free taster sessions and see what it’s all about. Forget any experiences you’ve had in other gyms, this place really is different.

Crossfit Jorvik

Sam Jenkins

Never managed to keep up the standard gym routine as I always got bored. Jorvik Crossfit offers something totally different, highly addictive and nearing my third year as a member I can’t recommend enough. Excellent coaching and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Well worth giving it a go!

Crossfit Jorvik

Max Reeves

Awesome place to train! Great coaches and a great bunch of members to train with. The new box is a really cool space with everything you need to reach your training goals!

Crossfit Jorvik

Robyn Childe

Pete the owner makes you feel more than welcome when you first start going which is always the intimidating part. He then is always there to help and support if you need the extra attention and don’t understand a part of the workout. The workouts are brilliant and you definitely see the results quickly which is always a good feeling. I have gotten much stronger in only a few months of going and some old jeans which haven’t fit for awhile have now started to.

Crossfit Jorvik

Nicole Krasnov