Grips: How to use them!

There are many ways people use their grips, here are two ways we’d recommend. It is personal preference which you prefer but give either these a go to make the most of your rig gymnastics.

Both of these aim to take some load away from your hands and fingers. Whilst grips are commonly used to only protect your hands, if we use them just for this we are not utilising them properly.

Option A – Overlap

This option doesn’t use the finger holes and as the name suggests the grip wraps a good amount of the way around the bar.

Option B – Fold

We use the finger holes on this option. The fold makes contact with the top of the bar.

Both options create tension through the grip and transfer the load to the wrist band. No matter which option you go for, make sure some load is through the wrist. A good way to further explain the principle is imagine you are using your grips like lifting straps, tension through the grip, not loose.

Give both of these a try and see which one you prefer!


  1. When you buy yours make sure you they are not too small, in this case… bigger is better!
  2. Especially if you adopt on option A and don’t use the finger holes. Still buy them with finger holes in, you can use this hole to create tension when overlapping on the bar!

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