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The Jorvik Autumn League is back…

The Autumn League is back, after the success of last years League with over 60 participants, across 3 months and 1 lockdown it has made it onto the Jorvik yearly calendar!

How the Jorvik League will work….

You will enter your name into the ballot. – Here

Entries will close 6th October, we will then randomly draw everyone out of a hat and put you in teams of 5.

Each team will be responsible to select a team captain and team name.

You don’t have to field a team of 5 for each Autumn League meet. Your score will be averaged out between each participant, but there will be bonus points for fielding a whole team.

The Autumn League is an inclusive competition so EVERYONE can enter, no technical gymnastics just pure fitness!

First Autumn League will be Knavismire park run.

Event Details

Register Date: 6/10/21

Workout 1 – 16/10/21

Workout 2 – 13/11/21

Workout 3 – 11/12/21

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