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Why We Need Good Quality Sleep

We’ve all been guilty of burning the candle at both ends, hands up if you’ve had to ‘pull an all nighter’ before for work or to ensure somethings been finished ????????‍♀️????????‍♂️ Sleep & good quality sleep is such an important pillar for good health but…
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CrossFit Jorvik Local Business Initiative

This last year has been tough on everyone, especially small businesses. Therefore CrossFit Jorvik have put together a support local initiative. Our aim is to support as many small businesses in York as possible. Each week we are running different challenges to our members to…
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CrossFit Jorvik Viking Run

We know everyones fed up of Lock Down life – especially this second time around. Here at CrossFit Jorvik HQ we thought we’d plan something fun not just for our members but for the whole York Community to not only get you out and about…
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